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0044760Retail ModulesDiscounts and Promotionspublic2020-08-06 01:362020-08-10 13:54
0044760: Management of various promotions in the POS
The client permanently uses a promotion of the "User defined percentage" type, but there are cases in which they want to change that promotion for promotions of the "Fixed percentage discount" type. The problem occurs when you cannot avoid applying both promotions.

This was reproduced in a livebuild environment with version 19Q1.2, video: [^]

What is desired is that you can have several promotions but that you can define when they will be exclusive promotions and when they will apply together with others
1.In the "Discount and Promotions" window, two types of automatic discounts are created, one of type "User defined percentage", of priority 2 and one of type "Fixed percentage discount" with priority 1 (image OB-1)

2. Go to the POS and select a product, it already automatically contains the discount with priority 1 (image OB-2), We go to the discounts and and we apply the discount with priority 2 and then the two discounts are displayed (image OB- 3)

3. If to the discount with priority 1 of type "Fixed percentage discount", we uncheck the check "Apply next Discount / Promotion", the same is still happening.
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Currently discounts in Openbravo don't work in this way, discretionary discounts are independent of the automatic discounts, and it is not possible to declare that one may affect the other.