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0044739Retail ModulesRetail Configurationpublic2020-08-03 11:522022-12-29 15:27
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0044739: Allow the number of "threads per core" created for Import Entry to be parametrized
The number of threads used for Import Entry can be controlled by the import.number.of.threads parameter in the It can also be left by default which will be calculated as the double of the number of CPU cores plus 2 with a minimum of 4.

If the number of threads is insufficient in a specific scenario, the only alternative right now is to change it to a fixed number of threads. In most situations this is good enough. However, in cloud environments the size of the machines (and thus the number of cores) are adjusted depending on the phases of user rollouts and on the season for clients with high seasonality of sales.
Does not apply as this is a feature request.
It would be of great benefit to be able to configure not the number of threads but the factor by which the number of CPU cores is multiplied in the default calculation.

The request, then, is to add a new parameter to called "import.entry.threads_per_core" so that the calculation of the number of threads is:

<Number of CPU Cores> * <import.entry.threads_per_core> + 2

The default value for the new parameter would be 1 and in case the parameter import.number.of.threads is set, its value would override the default calculation. These two rules would make the change backward compatible.
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