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0004471Openbravo ERP08. Project and service managementpublic2008-07-21 16:032011-02-04 09:16
20Ubuntu 7.10
0004471: Create Sales Order from multiphase project header and tasks
In Multiphase projects, one can create a sale order from a phase of the project.

It would be useful to:
1) Create a sales order from a particular task.
2) Create sales orders directly from the header of the multiphase project for its phases and tasks.
Go to Project & Service Management || Transactions || Multiphase Project || Project >> Project Phase
For 1):
* Add a read-only field named Sales Order that will be filled once one creates a sale order from a task (see Project Phase)
* Add a Create Sales Order from Project Task button (GenerateSOFromProjectTask procedure) that will generate the sale order (see GenerateSOFromProjectPhase procedure).
* Modify Create Sales order from Project Phase button (GenerateSOFromProjectPhase procedure) in order not to include tasks that have already a sale order associated.

For 2):
* Add a Create Sales Order from Project Phases and Tasks (GenerateSOFromProjectPhasesTasks procedure) that will go through each phase and task of the project (that has not already a sale order associated) and create an unique sale order with all of them.
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blocks feature request 0000502 acknowledged rmorley Projects enhancements 
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