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0004468Openbravo ERP08. Project and service managementpublic2008-07-21 15:262011-02-04 09:15
20Ubuntu 7.10
0004468: Project Type for Service Projects
Nowadays, one can only make project types for multiphase projects (with phases and tasks). These project types are a "mould" that permit to setup new projects by just clicking on a button. Service Projects (that only have product lines) can not be set as project types.
Go to 'Project & Service Management || Setup || Project Type'
1) Include a tab called 'Standard Line' in Project Type window (Project & Service Management || Setup || Project Type).
2) This tab would include the following fields: Client, Organization, Project Type, Line No., Description, Active, Product and Standard Quantity.
3) Modify 'ProjectSetType' (ad_actionButton/ProjectSetType) process in order to work also for service projects.
4) Add 'Set Project Type' button in Service Project window (Project & Service Management || Transactions || Service Project).
5) Add a read-only Project Type field in Service Project window (Project & Service Management || Transactions || Service Project).
6) Add a read-only field called 'Standard Line' in Lines tab (Project & Service Management || Transactions || Service Project || Header >> Lines) to track if this line comes from a standard line or not.
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