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0044522Retail ModulesGift cards and gift voucherspublic2020-06-30 17:382020-07-01 12:26
0044522: When partially using a credit note, the identifier is wrong in the credit note printed with the current balance
When partially using a credit note, the identifier is wrong in the credit note printed with the current balance

It seems a regression caused by the following commit: [^]
Start the HWM
Log in in [^]

Add a product
Return the line
Pay it with credit note payment method

Check the identifier shown in the printed credit note is the same as the one in the Gift Card Instance window of the backoffice

Create a new ticket
Add a product with a price below the credit note balance
Pay it with the previous credit note
Check a new credit note is printed with a different identifier but it is not available in the backoffice (as the gift card instance has the previous search key)
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2020-07-01 12:21   
Repository: erp/pmods/org.openbravo.retail.giftcards
Changeset: 7c168c468da9fb986a9e9d21218dadf6bafa2197
Author: Ranjith S R <ranjith <at>>
Date: Wed Jul 01 15:50:47 2020 +0530
URL: [^]

Fixed issue-44522: Credit Note searchkey should be updated based on receipt status

* When printing Credit Note,
  if Credit Note is created, then giftCardId is updated with receipt documentNo
  If Credit Note is consumed, then giftCardId is updated with Credit Note searchKey

M web/org.openbravo.retail.giftcards/js/hooks/printGiftCardPrePrintHook.js