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0043895Retail ModulesAuto BOM For Retailpublic2020-04-29 09:042020-05-25 13:11
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0043895: Cancel and replace of an AutoBOM products creates an extra BOM Production
When a cancel and replace of a order containing a AutoBOM product the product is produced twice instead of reusing the units reused on the original order.
On live retail with modules instance.

1. Check that product Veg Burger with the AutoBOm enabled is available.
2. Ensure that there is stock of the 4 products defined on its Bill of Materials definition.
3. Open the POS and create a ticket selling 1 unit of Veg Burger
4. Notice in the backend on Product window Transactions tab that for Veg Burger product a "Production +" is generated.
5. On the POS load the ticket and do a Cancel and Replace.
6. Add a new product to the ticket and pay it.
7. Check again the transactions tab and notice that an additional "Production +" is done.
8. Check any of the products of the Bill of Materials list (Veg Plain Patty for example). Notice that 2 units have been consumed although only 1 burger has been sold.
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Related to issue-43895 : ProductionPlan should be created only for non-delivered quantity

* For Autobom products, When doing Cancel and Replace,
  ProductionPlan should be created only for non-delivered quantity

M src/org/openbravo/retail/autobom/process/
2020-05-25 13:11   
Code reviewed and tested