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0043538Openbravo ERPA. Platformpublic2020-03-23 09:122020-03-28 10:40
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0043538: Implement usage of "singleton" element for the REST web services
As explained in the wiki[1] REST web services are registered through a configuration file. This configuration file can include field named "singleton" which currently is ignored.

This means that on each request executed for a REST web service in particular, a new instance of the related web service class is being created.

[1] [^]
In description
a) Make use of the singleton element here[2] to create a Registration class which uses the same instance of the web service when singleton is true.

b) Instantiate the class using weld. In this case, we would not use the singleton element at all and we would annotate it as @ApplicationScoped instead. See 0041479.

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related to design defect 0041479 new caristu Classes implementing WebService interface can not use CDI automatically 
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