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0043473Openbravo ERPA. Platformpublic2020-03-10 22:022023-07-04 12:35
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0043473: Allows decimal quantity when standard precision in UOM set to 0
UOM for a product used in sales order is defined as UNIT and standard precision of that is set as 0 therefore the desired output is that the system allow saving the record in decimal quantity.

We have understanding that standard precision in the unit of measure window defines the logic which allows the use of the decimal number in for sale/purchase and return process.
1- Set any UOM with standard precision to 0.
2- Choose any product with same UOM.
3- Create a sales order.
4- Create a sales order line.
5- Select that product with standard precision in UOM set to 0.
6- Set quantity with decimal, for example 1.3
7- Save the record and see that nothing error happened
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2020-03-18 16:21   
--Test Plan Mantis--
As the F&B International Group Admin role:
  - Go to the Sales Order window and create a new record
    with any Business Partner desired.
  - Go to the Lines Tab and create a new Line with any product
    with Units as its Unit of Measure. Set the Ordered Quantity
    as 8.6
  - Save the record, Press the Book button and OK in the popup
  #Now the Ordered Quantity is saved as 9#
2020-03-20 11:20   
This issue has been moved to Design Defect.

It is possible, in Openbravo, to specify the number of decimal positions that should be shown in the application.
However, this can not be done per Unit of Measure.

Also, when saving the data introduced by the user in the database, there is no validation to check the number of decimal positions based on the UOM.

Solving this problem, from a Product point of view, requires a generic solution that performs this validation for any column associated with a UOM.

It would be possible to do a custom fix for a particular window, but solving this issue requires a more generic approach.

A proposal could be a new column type in Application Dictionary, that should trigger this validation.