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0043315Openbravo LocalizationsLocalization Francepublic2020-02-25 09:472020-02-25 10:04
0043315: Missing French translation on some Web POS lines
The following french translations on Web POS are not applied:
open receipt: ouvrir la facture
create quotation from order: création du devis à partir de la commande
refresh data: actualiser les donnés
test printer: imprimant de test
There are also two modules without translation pack: Coupons and Loyalty Management.
coupon code: code promotionnel
remove coupon from ticket: enlever le code promotionnel du ticket
add points: Ajouter les points
points balance request: demande de solde de points
points accumulation: accumulation de points
*Install the France Localization Community Edition (pack) module
*Install the concrete module to have the Web POS in french
*Install coupons module and loyalty management module
*Enter to the Web POS, see the menu entries
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