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0042959Retail ModulesWeb POSpublic2020-01-22 10:112020-04-28 15:41
5iOS 12.2
Packaging and release
0042959: [RR20Q1][New Skin][iPad] Several items such as dropdown menu and receipt product list are draggable and do not work properly
There are several items that are draggable and can be moved in an inappropriate way. Receipt products list and dropdown menu can be moved this way.
This is reproducible in RR20Q1 using an iPad (iOS 12.2). It is not reproducible in RR19Q4.
Besides, it is reproducible in iOS 12.2 but it is no longer reproducible in iOS 13.3

NOTE: it is also reproducible in desktop with chrome developers tools emulating a mobile device
0-Login POS as vallblanca using an iPad.
1-Add 1x "Avalanche transceiver" to the present receipt.
2-In the receipt, use your finger to drag the products, realise instead of being a static list, it can be moved in an inappropriate way. This behaviour is also reproducible with the dropdown menu. Moreover, in the login screen, the user images, can also be draggable. [^]
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2020-01-24 08:52   
After some more testing, I have checked this issue is reproducible in iOS 12.2 but it is no longer reproducible in iOS 13.3.
2020-01-24 18:00   
Info has been requested and given. Set again to New