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0004293: Separate user for System Administrator
Currently, our demo data has one main user, Openbravo with the password of openbravo. This then has access to all roles, bigbazaar admin and sys admin. this is however quite confusing to the user which i keep noticing in trainings.

The concept of multi-tenancy enables us to have several clients within the same database. the user with a System Administrator role normally should not be able to access individual clients (companies), therefore not have access to Client Admin roles.

I propose to remove the Openbravo user and introduce two different users for demo data of Openbravo:
- bigbazaarAdmin with access to the admin, finance, sales, etc role of Bigbazaar
- sysAdmin that has access only to the System Administrator role
related to feature request 0007978 closed psarobe Define new roles and create new users in demo data 
related to feature request 0008552 new iciordia Openbravo user should be removed/deactivated 
blocks feature request 0008071 closed psarobe Create a DemoBazaar data set 
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2009-07-14 12:23   
This is also highly important to Xpress so please prioritize this together with removing/deactivating Openbravo user.
2009-09-04 19:35   
Hi All,

Because of the decision to proceed with this request in an opposite way: we decided to leave Openbravo user as it is (it is the user everybody knows and everybody knows how to deal with it (change password) and each system has "root" user) but user System was disabled (issue 10447 - now user System is created by default without privilege to log in) I think this one is not a Release Candidate and Blocker for 7978 and 8071 any longer.

I also suggest to close feature request 8552 cause it is doubling this.