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0042143Retail ModulesLayaway orderpublic2019-10-29 16:442021-11-18 12:57
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0042143: [19Q4] It is not possible to return cash for a Cancelled Layaway in more than one currency
I created a Layaway for 600€ and made two payments of 400€ and $100. On cancelling, I am only able to return 486€, when trying to return 400€ and $100 I receive a message "There is not enough cash available". See steps.

Check whether the issue is related with 0031153
0. Just to ensure the environment is clean, perform a Cashup in the terminal not keeping any cash.
1. Log in VB-1 terminal and create a receipt for 5 Avalanche Transceivers
2. Pick the menu option "Layaway this receipt"
3. Add 400€ and click "Layaway" button
4. Open the receipt and add $100 and click "Layaway" button
5. Open the receipt and click the "Cancel this layaway" menu option
6. The total amount is shown, but only in Euros.
7. Change the amount in Euros to 400.
8. Move to "USA Cash", notice the message "There is not enough cash available" even the terminal has literally just received the amount of cash required to perform the operation.
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related to defect 0037812 scheduled Retail [RR18q1] Potential functional loop with returns and multiple currencies 
depends on defect 0031153 new Retail It is shown wrongly "There is not enough cash available" when doing a layaway with return lines. 
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