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0042077Openbravo LocalizationsLocalization Mexicopublic2019-10-21 19:452019-10-24 18:12
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0042077: Error in background process of Mexican Localization
Conversion ranges between currencies are not updated.
The WS that is used to connect to the bank "Banxico" throws 404 error.

Said bank has changed its Web Services (WS), generating the error.

The new connection and shipping information is in the following links: [^]
Executing the background process
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error reported in Tegik support tool as [^]

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Localizer reply:

conversion background process was deprecated 1 year ago. Tegik informed all of their customer not to use this process anymore but fill in conversion rates manualy.

Currently, there are no plans to develop this kind of functionality once more.

Issue can be closed as no change is required here, because this functionality is not available now.