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0004205Openbravo ERP02. Master data managementpublic2008-06-27 17:582011-02-04 09:15
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0004205: Searching criteria > Case sensitive searchs
When searching records (i.e. Products) I would like to have a case insensitive search. Current search is case sensitive and not having an option for case insensitive affects usability. In theory, searching queries are made when user does not know exactly what is he/she searching, so no case sensitive search will offer a broad response.
Anyway, it can be useful to have an option for enabling/desabiling case on searches, giving an extra choice for narrowing a huge resultset.
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has duplicate feature request 0005287 closed pjuvara Case sensitive parametrization option for fields 
has duplicate feature request 0006490 closed rafaroda Uppercase Fields. 
has duplicate feature request 0006488 closed pjuvara Search key case sensitive. 
blocks feature request 0003178 closed rgoris Redesign Search engine window 
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