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0042049Openbravo ERPA. Platformpublic2019-10-17 09:072022-02-01 07:24
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0042049: RescheduleProcess should be removed
RescheduleProcess executes exactly the same logic as ScheduleProcess. Besides this process should not exists because when a process is in an unscheduled status with the RescheduleProcess we are turning it again to an scheduled status. Exactly the same can be achieved with the ScheduleProcess itself.

In description
Remove the RescheduleProcess an update the display logic of the ScheduleProcess button. The current display logics are:

- ScheduleProcess: @Status@!'SCH' & @Status@!'COM' & @Status@!'UNS'
- RescheduleProcess: @Status@='COM' | @Status@='UNS'

Besides it would be nice to move the ScheduleProcess to a process definition.

Also take into account:

- It's an API change
- Process Access
- CI
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related to defect 0042044 closed caristu Duplicated code in ScheduleProcess and RescheduleProcess 
related to design defect 0032688 acknowledged Triage Platform Base remove unused resources 
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