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0004191Openbravo ERPA. Platformpublic2008-06-27 15:312011-05-17 12:40
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0004191: Selector UI patter in Application Dictionary
One of the major value propositions of Openbravo is the Model Driven Development: you do not need to code your application but you can simply declare it in your model.
However, many commonly used UIs, currently require custom code.
Selectors are one of them.
The purpose of this project is to support this class of UIs in the Application Dictionary and to replace the existing custom code implementation.
dev-platform-big-wins, ReleaseCandidate
related to feature request 0003379pi closed rgoris LiveSearch on selectors 
depends on feature request 0004124 closed rgoris Selecting an item within a selector 
depends on feature request 0003375 closed rgoris Cancelling a selector blanks the field 
related to feature request 0003367 closed rmorley Size of Boxes in Pop - Up Windows 
related to feature request 0005051 closed mtaal DAL Iteration 3: transparent translation, implement service, UI Selector 
related to defect 0005048 closed gorkaion Option to apply filtering to a searcher 
related to feature request 0007343 acknowledged iciordia Add validation feature to Selectors (as we already have for combo-boxes) 
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