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0041756ModulesAdvanced Warehouse Operationspublic2019-09-05 09:072023-11-16 18:33
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0041756: Delta different generates delta tasks for any possible line in the document
The delta different is the ability to ask the system to generate a new task for the delta quantity with a different storage detail (when the task did use a PK algorithm) and/or a different bin to (when the task did use a PA algorithm).

When the task is NOT related to a document with lines, like for example in the case of putaways, the system does properly generate delta tasks only for the original task.

However, when the task belongs to a document with lines, like for example a sales order, the delta manager generates delta task for the given task (OK) and for any other line in the document where a task of the same type could be generated (WRONG).

Note that, although the system doesn't work as designed, the current behavior it's not a bad option neither, as these other tasks for the other lines within the document should be generated at any moment in time anyway.

Also note that this scenario will usually be a corner case, because most probably the rest of the lines in the document will already have a task associated, so the system obviously will detect it and it won't generate more tasks.
Create a sales order with two lines where stock is available.
Book and pick to generate the tasks.
Go to any line and delete the associated task.
Go to the other line and confirm the task with qty 0 and delta different.
The system will properly generate a new task for the selected line, but it will also generate a task for the other line.
This DD implies to refactor any ITT document that works with documents that have lines to accept a predefined list of lines to generate tasks only for those lines. As we currently do for PIK-SO.
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2022-10-27 17:37   
Any plan to fix this -wrong- behavior?
2023-11-16 18:33   
Hi, any plan to fix this issue in the near future? For the customer, this is specially painful, specially when managing deltas of DO lines in a DO with many (hundreds) of lines