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0041747Openbravo ERPA. Platformpublic2019-09-04 12:152019-09-10 10:29
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Production - QA Approved
3.0PR19Q3 [^]
0041747: Negative values have string format when they are exported to csv file
When the data of any grid is exported as csv using the button "Export to Spreadsheet" the negative values have a prefix "tabulation Character" this produces that the spreadsheet program format the field as text. This causes that these values don't be used to do autosum or in formulas.

Also, if the spreadsheet program has the tab character as separator the field with negative value have a shift to the right column

This prefix character was introduced in the issue [^]
- Export any grid than contains negative values
- Open the CSV file with a spreadsheet program

a.- Leave the tab character selected as a separator
- Result all the values negatives will be a shift to the right column

b.- Deselect the tab character
- Do an Autosum with all the column that contains negative values
- Save the value
- Edit any negative value erasing the tab character
- Do the autosum again
- Result if different.
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depends on backport 00417543.0PR19Q3.1 closed alostale Negative values have string format when they are exported to csv file 
caused by defect 0040647 closed alostale escape formulas when exporting csv 
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2019-09-05 08:47   
Repository: erp/devel/pi
Changeset: 5879f2488432819dc36b197421e94aca5f804314
Author: Asier Lostalé <asier.lostale <at>>
Date: Thu Sep 05 08:47:04 2019 +0200
URL: [^]

fixed bug 41747: negative numeric values exported as string in csv

  Whenever a value is exported to csv, it is prepended a tab if it starts with
  any character that can be used for formulas (issue 0040647) in order to prevent
  formula injection. This causes negative numeric values to be also escaped being
  treated as strings.

  Numeric values don't require to be escaped at all as they are cannot be crafted
  for formula injection.

M modules/org.openbravo.service.datasource/src/org/openbravo/service/datasource/
2019-09-05 18:16   
A changeset related to this issue has been promoted main and to the
Central Repository, after passing a series of tests.

Promotion changeset: [^]
Maturity status: Test
2019-09-10 10:29   
Reviewed + tested OK.