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0041738Openbravo ERP07. Sales managementpublic2019-09-02 12:202019-09-05 12:21
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3.0PR19Q2 [^]
0041738: Modify payment plan recalculation when deleting line
When you do a Modify Payment plan when there two lines, prior to 19Q2 you could delete the first one and change the second one quantity to the total, and after pressing enter, Expected amount would be recalculated.

After 19Q2, this doesn't happen. You need to change the first line Outstanding to 0 and the second line to the total amount, and then after pressing enter, Expected amount is recalculated.
1. Make "Modify Payment Plan" button in Sales invoice visible
2. Find or create an invoice with two lines of payment plan
3. Modify Payment plan
4a. Delete first line
5a. Change outstanding of second line to total and press enter
6a. Expected amount is not recalculated (in 19Q1 it is)

Workaround for 19Q2:
4b. Change first line outstanding to 0
5b. Change outstanding of second line to total and press enter
6b. Expected amount is recalculated
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2019-09-05 12:17   
Repository: erp/backports/3.0PR19Q2.3
Changeset: b2b906f9d3b6b02102535ff5a2cf2f37b1d81174
Author: Armaignac <collazoandy4 <at>>
Date: Wed Sep 04 18:31:19 2019 -0400
URL: [^]

Fixes issue 41738: Modify payment plan recalculation when deleting line

A wrong outstanding amount was used to check if all payment plan lines are valid

Now if the total outstanding amount plus the total received are distinct from the
invoice grand total an error is shown indicating a wrong payment plan quantity

M modules/org.openbravo.advpaymentmngt/web/org.openbravo.advpaymentmngt/js/ob-aprm-utilities.js
2019-09-05 12:21   
code review + testing ok