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0041723Retail ModulesDiscounts and Promotionspublic2019-08-29 16:522019-08-29 16:52
0041723: WEBPos - Discounts - Impossible to enter a discount amount or percentage using the keyboard
It's impossible to fill out an amount or a percentage discount with physical keyboard.
However WebPOS allows modifying an item price with physical keyboard.
1) Login to WebPOS
2) Add an item to a receipt
3) Select Discount feature (in the menu or in the WebPOS keypad)
4) Select the "Remise en %" discount (which expects a numerical value entered manually by user)
5) Try to fill out the percentage with physical keyboard (not WebPOS keypad)
6) The value is not filled out
WebPOS should accept numerical values entered with physical keyboard at this step.
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