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0041707: Hardware Manager - Wincor TH230+ printer - Misprinted characters
We have noticed an issue with printer used by Decathlon : accented characters are misprinted.
Printer used by Decathlon FR is Wincor TH230+ which is well recognized by Hardware Manager.
We uses WebPOS & Hardware manager on a Linux till (CentOS distribution).

I have tested this version of HW Manager on my computer (Windows OS) with an other printer (Aures ODP 333) and those accented characters are well printed. So the printer template and HW Manager used seem to be OK.

Do you have an idea of the reason of this issue? Do we have encountered a similar issue in the past?

Hardware manager used is available here : [^]
1) Launch HW Manager
2) Complete a receipt
=> Accented characters are misprinted
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2019-08-28 11:35   
This printer model supported is the Chinese model with Chinese firmware included.
The European model with European/Latin firmware installed will require an explicit implementation to support printing all Latin characters.
2019-08-28 14:43   
Thanks for your reply.
What is the effort for this implementation ?
When this implementation for Latin characters can be realized ?
What do you need to realize it ?

We will have also to realize an implementation of TH250 model for Decat FR in the next future.