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0041547Openbravo ERPA. Platformpublic2019-08-01 13:182019-08-06 13:34
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0041547: Errors in build from UI are not shown
I am rebuilding the system after installing a module. It seems the module has some dependency issue, but the expected message of error is not shown. Instead, from the GUI seems the rebuild was successful, while the log is showing that it was not.
In order to reproduce the issue it is required to install via the MMC a module with an error like this one:
[java] org.apache.ddlutils.model.ModelException: The foreignkey EM_OBRESMS_ORDER_RESERVATION in table C_ORDER references the undefined table OBRE_RESERVATION

Launching the Rebuild process, it finishes (or seems to finish) successfully, since a green banner "Process Completed Successfully" is shown. But looking at the log shows a different story (the error message shown above is from the log)

For more information, check the attached screenshot. The full log is also available on demad.
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2019-08-05 13:54   
Repository: erp/backports/3.0PR19Q2.2
Changeset: 59f670b19433aef2f0fe824834a6ffe11350f5aa
Author: Javier Armendáriz <javier.armendariz <at>>
Date: Mon Aug 05 13:33:16 2019 +0200
URL: [^]

Fixed issue 41547: Errors in build from UI are not shown

Log4j configuration is missing in BuildTask ant task. This causes
that when this task fails, the error message is not passed to
OBRebuildAppender and thus the process finishes as successful from
the point of view of the UI.

M build.xml
M src-core/src/org/openbravo/utils/
2019-08-06 13:34   
reviewed + tested