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0004149Openbravo ERP02. Master data managementpublic2008-06-24 15:332013-05-23 17:54
lowminorhave not tried
0004149: Product attributes revision
The product attribute feature needs to be reviewed to make it smoother and simpler to operate.
This is an umbrella request with many sub-requests.
related to defect 00238883.0MP25 closed jonalegriaesarte Change the attribute set value (product window) when completing a requisition 
depends on feature request 0003258 acknowledged rmorley Add a \\\"mandatory in order\\\" check for attributes  
depends on feature request 0004066 closed pjuvara Mandatory attributes 
depends on feature request 0003486 acknowledged rmorley Is not possible to insert a Lot Control to a product 
depends on feature request 0003464 scheduled gorkaion Pending Goods Receipt process improvement 
depends on design defect 0003436 acknowledged Triage Omni OMS goods receipt, serial number control 
depends on feature request 0003448 acknowledged rmorley The selector of attribute selector doesn't work when is lot 
depends on feature request 0007162 acknowledged rmorley Adding attributes in form "Pending goods receipts" 
depends on feature request 0007161 acknowledged rmorley Usability improvements in "Create lines from" pop-up of "Goods Receipt" window 
depends on feature request 0007163 acknowledged rmorley Sales order line field in "Goods Shipment" should not be read only 
depends on feature request 0007164 scheduled Triage Finance Usablity improvements in "Create lines from" button of "Goods Shipment" window 
depends on feature request 0011078 closed pjuvara Attribute Set values: use in MRP and Production also 
depends on defect 00115132.50MP11 closed rafaroda Error in m_storage_detail 
depends on feature request 0014640 acknowledged rmorley Attributes improvement in Stock Report 
has duplicate feature request 0007160 closed pjuvara Usability improvements related to the use of attributes in receptions and shipments (Umbrella) 
related to feature request 0007565 acknowledged rmorley Specify product attributes in Production 
related to feature request 0020723 new jonalegriaesarte It would be nice to be able to define type of field in Attribute window 
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2008-11-13 06:57   
Product attribute is very important to users. I suggest to change the priorty to "High".