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0041468: Some menu windows are inactive after installing retail modules
After installing the retail modules some windows (and folders) don’t appear in the menu of the back office that were appearing before. The menu entry and the window itself is inactive, setting them again to active solves the problem but that’s not the expected behavior.

A list of found inactive entries (maybe there are more):

warehouse>transactions>bill of materials production
warehouse>analysis tools>BOM production report
production management
material requirement planning>transactions
material requirement planning>setup>planning method
sales management>setup>external point of sales
project and service management
*install locally last version of Openbravo without retail modules
*check the windows and entries appearing at the menu (you can record the screen to compare later)
*install the retail modules (module “Openbravo for retail”)
*check the windows and entries appearing at the menu, there are missing ones (example image attached)
*you can go to the Menu window or Windows, Tabs & Fields window to see that these entries are set inactive
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related to design defect 0038989 new Retail Modules The Manufacturing tab is not showing in the Product screen after installing AWO 
png missing-entries-example.png (1,078,175) 2019-07-29 11:31
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