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0041292ModulesAdvance Warehouse Operationspublic2019-07-05 09:412019-08-22 12:27
0041292: [AWO] Boxing in Web POS doesn’t select the line of the last product added
In Web POS for the AWO module boxing products in a reference, when you add a new product, POS doesn’t select that new product line, the selected line is the previous selected one. This happens in a mobile phone web browser (not in a computer web browser). This is a problem for the client because they scan products and if it isn’t selected POS opens a dialog to choose products when there are various with the same code (which can result in a lower performance for the warehouse operator). If it was selected that dialog isn’t opened because it considers code belongs to the selected product line, which can make you scan same products without stop. Image attached, product added and it doesn’t select that new line by default
*Open with the mobile phone Openbravo Live Builds, select the link in section Retail with Modules of “awo” (Web POS awo link)
*Enter with AWO_US_E/openbravo credentials
*Go to Menu and select Box option. Click on Create New Reference, create one with Reference Type = Container, Reference = referenceName. Click on Create & Box button.
*Click on Add button. Search for any product (3 characters need to be written to be able to search), search for “beer” for example, select one type of beer product to add it. Note that this product line is selected
*Click on Add button. Search for any product, search for “beer” for example, add other different type of beer product
*Note that the line selected is the previous one, not the last one added
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jpeg 65fcfb72-9a11-4ae0-86d1-d272fc5e9af5.jpeg (78,366) 2019-07-05 09:41
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