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0041290Openbravo ERPA. Platformpublic2019-07-04 18:372023-07-04 12:34
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0041290: It would be nice apply the grid configuration in back-end selectors
It would be nice to take into account the grid configuration in the back-end selectors. Some selectors have a lot of data and need a lot of time to load all if the lazy filtering is not applied.
So the user feels an incorrect behaviour because the rest of the windows does not work in the same way when the grid configuration is enabled.
1.- Log into the back-end as System Administrator
2.- Go to the 'Grid Configuration at System Level' window
3.- Enable the 'lazy filtering on grid'
4.- Log into the back-end as 'White Valley Group Admin'
5.- Go to the 'Receivables Aging Schedule' and click on 'Business Partner' field to open the selector.

The selector does not have the lazy filtering applied.
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