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0041206Openbravo ERP02. Master data managementpublic2019-07-01 09:302019-08-12 17:15
0041206: some currencies in master dataset are not properly configured.
there are some amendments to be done in the Currencies Master data:

1. Venezuelan Bolivar Fuerte BSF is not the ISO CODE, ISO CODE is VEF.

2. Currency from Buthan is missing in Openbravo , ISO CODE= BTN [^]

3. Currency from Lesotho is missing in Openbravo, ISO CODE=LSL [^]

4. Currency from Namibia is missing in Openbravo, ISO CODE=NAD [^]

5. Swiss franc has to two duplicated currencies in Openbravo (SFR and CHF) it should be the one with ISO CODE CHF (the one of SFR should be removed).
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related to defect 00327243.0PR16Q3 closed markmm82 Change ISO code from GHC to GHS 
related to defect 00248813.0MP31 closed pramakrishnan Swiss franc is duplicated. Only CHF has to exist 
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2019-08-12 17:15   
Test Plan
  As F&B Group
    Go to Currency window and check
      Venezuelan Bolivar Fuerte BSF iso code is VEF
      New currency for Buthan with iso code BTN
      New currency for Lesotho with iso code LSL
      New currency for Namibia with iso code NAD
      Currency SFR from Swiss franc is missing