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0004102Openbravo ERP01. General setuppublic2008-06-20 16:182011-02-04 09:16
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0004102: Improve Initial Client Setup duplicate error
If I try to create a client with Initial Client Setup process and I choose an existent name, I have an error window (see attach). This window could be improved in several ways:
* Error message is too rough. It would be more delight something like "The process can not be completed because there are a Client with the same name. Please click on Back button and choose a new one" or similar.
* There is no back button
* The error message, unlike on other places along the ERP, shows in a separate window. It would have more sense to have this message as a header of the original window.
* If I entered a duplicate name, and is the only field I should change to get the process working, why I need to fill all the window's fields again?
* Could I have a check availability button close to Name so I can verify prior to init the process if someone choose that name before?
* Could I have a suggestion list with similar names to the one I picked so I can choose a different one on the fly?
ReleaseCandidate, Usability
related to defect 0002615 closed Dowid Creating a duplicated Client shows success message 
jpg r240r3_FR_ImproveInitialClientSetup.JPG (38,155) 2008-06-20 16:18
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