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0004099Openbravo ERPC. Securitypublic2008-06-20 12:492019-04-02 15:10
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0004099: Delete client should not drop constraints
Currently the Delete Client process drops the database constraints.
The implications of that are:
1) Users cannot be logged in while the Delete Client is run (this is a no-no in a SaaS deployment)
2) In PostgreSQL the process requires superuser privileges
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related to defect 00176413.0MP4 closed marvintm Delete Client process does not work (this issue also groups other tickets related to the Delete Client process) 
blocks feature request 00022543.0MP0 closed jpabloae The installer requires database superuser permissions 
blocks feature request 0003392pi acknowledged rmorley Rewrite all procedures that drop/disble DB constraints 
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2008-07-01 16:47   
Original description was:
>Now, the Delete Client process requires SuperUser privileges in PostgreSQL (to >disable/enable constraints).
>It would be nice that this should not be necessary for security reasons.