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0040936: Conversion rate loading into 'paymentmethodcashup' local table
Conversion rate should be loaded into 'paymentmethodcashup' local table withouth needing to do a cashup at the beginning of the day.

Current behavior in order to change rate in 'paymentmethodcashup':
1. Create the new conversion rate in BO
2. Load it into Web POS (login or refresh)
3. To do a cashup the day that the new conversion rate applies

This is a problem because this way, the new conversion rate is not applied in POS with normal cashup at the end of the day, because previous conversion rate is still effective and loaded into new cashup. So the next day they need to do a void cashup in order to have it loaded.
1. Log into web POS: [^]
2. Check table in local database 'paymentmethodcashup', column 'rate' for 'USA Cash'.
3. Now, in order to make it change, configure a new Conversion rate in BO (USD to EUR). You might need to change the 'Valid to Date' from the already created records since sampledata doesn't seem correct. Create a new currency for current day.
4. Refresh POS
5. Do a cashup.
6. Chech that the rate for USA Cash has changed.

Now, from customers perspective, they usually change conversion rate for next day, do a cashup at the end of the day and they expect the rate to be changed next day. But they need to do a cashup the same day that the conversion rate applies, or else the previous rate will be loaded.
This is not correct, since cashup is not thought to be done at the beginning of the day.
In order to check this:

7. Configure a new conversion rate for tomorrow (like a customer would do)
8. Refresh POS
9. Do a cashup.
10. Check rate for USA Cash (it remains the dame)
This column should be updated if a new conversion rate is detected AND there are no payments for that payment method in current cashup.
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