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0040828Retail ModulesDelivery Modespublic2019-05-09 16:332019-05-09 16:35
0040828: [UX] "Delivery Modes" combo should be changed by a *light* selector.
At this moment, there are two ways of selectying a "Delivery Mode". By receipt (default value) or by line.
* In order to change the receipt default value, you should open "Receipt Properties" popup, then open the "Default Delivery Mode" combo, select the desired one, and press "Apply" button. 4 clicks in total.
* In order to change it by line, you should press "Delivery Mode" orange button (in EDIT panel), then open the "Delivery Mode" combo of the displayed popup, select the desired one, and press "Apply" button. 4 clicks in total too.

If this component is changed by a *light* selector (a selector without search and advance filters), we save 2 clicks in the "by line" case (the "Receipt Properties" one remains the same). With this change the flow will remain as: Press the "Delivery Mode" orange button, and then directly select the desired value from the popup. 2 clicks in total.

Explanatory video: [^]

Two notes:
* The current selected option in the popup displaying the available delivery modes should have light yellow background (#FBF6D1), just to let know the user the current value.
* The label of the header of the selector is different depending if it has been opened from "Receipt Properties" or from "EDIT panel"

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png Proposal - Receipt Level.png (235,084) 2019-05-09 16:35

png Proposal - Line Level.png (238,498) 2019-05-09 16:35
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