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0040791Retail ModulesWeb POSpublic2019-05-06 11:152019-05-07 08:45
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RR19Q1 [^]
0040791: User roles requires backend access to login in WebPOS
If the Role is marked with the configuration "Restrict backend access", when trying to login to the POS, the login is refused.

The error shown is:

Access Restricted This user doesn't have access to the backend. To be able to access Openbravo, a user needs a role with access to the backend.

See attached picture.
- Configure the user role to do login as "Restrict backend access"
- Try to login in the POS with a user of the previously configured role.
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2019-05-07 08:34   
Repository: erp/backports/3.0PR19Q1.1
Changeset: 0ec858b516d0d07eef998de3cf0ccea10d455f4a
Author: Jorge Garcia <jorge.garcia <at>>
Date: Mon May 06 16:46:57 2019 +0200
URL: [^]

Fixed issue 40791: Roles require back-office access to log in to mobile apps

MobileLoginHandler does a back-office login to later select mobile default role,
it expects back-office to fail and keep session in case of restricted role login

Back-office login handler was changed to fail and remove session in case there is
no back-office role in current user's list. This made not possible to log in to
mobile apps.

Now if logging in to a mobile application session is kept after failure as it was

M src/org/openbravo/base/secureApp/
2019-05-07 08:34   
Repository: retail/backports/3.0RR19Q1.1/
Changeset: 074c2ad55b6043541a3ed9377867f7491ceb3d64
Author: Jorge Garcia <jorge.garcia <at>>
Date: Mon May 06 16:50:27 2019 +0200
URL: [^]

Related to issue 40791: Define mobile applications in login handler

M src/org/openbravo/mobile/core/login/