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0040739: BlankProperties should not be annotated with @ApplicationScoped
The BlankProperties class is annotated with the @ApplicationScoped. Note that this is not needed as this annotation has no effect on interfaces.

Besides, because of this reason, the following warning may appear in the Openbravo log (after the Weld upgrade to version 3.1.0):

WARN org.jboss.weld.Bootstrap - WELD-000167: Class org.openbravo.retail.copystore.process.BlankProperties is annotated with @ApplicationScoped but it does not declare an appropriate constructor therefore is not registered as a bean!

See for example: [^]
In description
Remove the annotation and update the class javadoc to document that classes implementing the BlankProperties interface should be annotated as @ApplicationScoped.

See an example of a similar fix: [^]
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related to feature request 0040193 closed caristu Openbravo ERP upgrade Weld to version 3.1.0.Final 
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2019-05-02 18:04   
Repository: erp/pmods/org.openbravo.retail.copystore
Changeset: 18296453654461a5a8a47eb824b02a801950665d
Author: Carlos Aristu <carlos.aristu <at>>
Date: Thu May 02 18:04:13 2019 +0200
URL: [^]

fixes bug 40739: BlankProperties shouldn't be annotated with @ApplicationScoped

M src/org/openbravo/retail/copystore/process/