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0040685Openbravo ERPA. Platformpublic2019-04-25 16:422019-04-25 16:42
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0040685: Create a purge script to remove data from an Openbravo database enforcing referencial integrity
Some Openbravo clients accumulate a lot of transactional data, that they no longer need to be stored in the Openbravo database anymore because it is stored somewhere else (i.e. SAP or any other external system).

It would be useful to provide a script that removes data from transactional data tables, removing recursively records referenced by them to make sure referential integrity is maintained.

The input of the script could be for instance a root table (i.e. OBPOS_APP_CASHUP and a where clause (i.e. to select cashups created before 2016). The script should be able to remove data referencing removed rows by checking the foreign keys in the catalog.
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