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0004052Openbravo ERP01. General setuppublic2008-06-18 19:432011-02-04 09:16
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0004052: On Country window, remove the check called "Has regions" that enables or disables the region's tab grid
Wherever is necessary to verify if a Country has or has not regions, this could be done easily with a SELECT Count(1) of c_Regions. If this check is present because of performance reasons, it should be updated according actions done by user deleting or creating records.
On current version, it has to be updated by hand checking and unchecking the Has regions according what data is present.
Clean-up, ReleaseCandidate, Usability
related to defect 0005480 closed gmauleon HasRegion check in C_COUNTRY 
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2008-07-30 14:25   
This affects:
* erpCommon/ad_process/BPartner_data.xsql line 240
* erpCommon/ad_process/ImportBPartner_data.xsql line 219
* erpCommon/ad_process/ImportOrder_Data.xsql line 1079
* Window: Country Region and City; Tab: Country; Field: Region Name (Display Logic)