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0004042Openbravo ERP08. Project and service managementpublic2008-06-18 13:122011-10-25 18:01
0004042: The Create Sales Order for a Service Project let me create duplicated orders
I create a Service Project, with all data related. I change the status to Order. Then I click on Create Sales Orders button. Sales order is created, and a message is shown, but button keeps enabled, so I click it again, and again, and again, and every time, new orders with the same data as the first one.
Avoid to generate sales order from projects more than once. If for some reason is needed, SO can be generated manually from Sales module.
related to feature request 0004026 acknowledged rmorley On Service Project, the button Create Purchase Order should be moved to main tab 
related to feature request 0004471 acknowledged rmorley Create Sales Order from multiphase project header and tasks 
blocks feature request 0000502 acknowledged rmorley Projects enhancements 
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Same goes for the button Create Purchase Order from Project