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0040283Openbravo ERP07. Sales managementpublic2019-02-27 12:192019-02-27 12:19
Triage Finance 
0040283: Void a sale shipment shipment impossible if linked order has been invoiced via another shipment (invoicerule 'D', 'O', 'S')
It is not possible to void a shipment if one of the lines of the shipment has been invoiced via another shipment (with invoice rule After delivery (D), After order delivered (O) or Customer schedule after delivery (S)).

This is in the M_INOUT_POST database function, line 1075 and following (in the last version, 3.0PR18Q3.5, but I think this check has been there since a long time).
Order O1 for product 1
Shipment S1, partial delivery for order O1, product 1
Invoice I1 for Shipment S1
Shipment S2, partial delivery for order O1, product 1
Once the shipment S2 is completed, it is not possible to void it.

The only way to void it is to change the invoice rule to Immediate (I) or Do not invoiced (N). Once the invoice rule is changed (or are changed, there can be lots of orders linked to one shipement), it is possible to void the shipment.
I don't understand this check, if there are no invoices linked to the shipment, it should be possible to void it.
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