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0040255Openbravo ERPA. Platformpublic2019-02-21 19:042019-02-22 09:06
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0040255: It is not needed to include the woodstox library in the runtime classpath
When deploying the context, all the libraries inside "src-db/database/lib" are deployed into WEB-INF/lib.

This is because it is needed to have some of them included in the runtime classpath because they are required by some features:

- Installing a module from an obx file using the MMC
- Easy Extensible Attributes[1] module

But the woodstox library (wstx-asl-3.0.2.jar) is not required at runtime by any feature in particular. Note that the StaxXMLEntityConverter[2] can retrieve any other available XML reader for its processing.

[1] [^]
[2] [^]
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Avoid the deployment of the libraries inside src-db/database/lib which are not required at runtime, i.e, do not deploy the wstx-asl-3.0.2.jar file.
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2019-02-21 19:06   
Repository: erp/backports/3.0PR19Q1
Changeset: fba4aab80022bf7bd1ce675c076d830066e0094a
Author: Carlos Aristu <carlos.aristu <at>>
Date: Thu Feb 21 19:05:49 2019 +0100
URL: [^]

fixes issue 40255: The woodstox library is not required at runtime

The woodstox library which provides an implementation of the Stax XML API is used by DBSM for export/import taks but it is not required at runtime. Therefore, now we are not copying it when deploying the context.

M src/build.xml
2019-02-22 09:06   
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