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0040225Retail ModulesStoreServerpublic2019-02-15 14:392019-02-15 14:39
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0040225: Introduce hidden mode for webpos for store server
The store server when installed is directly usable for WebPOS systems. It would be great to have a special state in which data is replicated to the store server but it is hidden for the WebPOS systems. This allows starting store servers without them directly being used by WebPOS systems
Run multi-server
Check what servers are loaded in WebPOS
Add a flag in the server definition to hide it the for webpos systems. Show it as editable in the UI.
Then in this code [1] only read servers which are not hidden.

[1] [^]

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has duplicate feature request 0039259 closed mtaal Support Store Server state which allows replication but prevents webpos access 
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