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0040214ModulesExternal Data Integrationpublic2019-02-15 11:382019-02-15 11:47
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0040214: It is possible to reprocess EDL request without an active output configuration
It is possible to reprocess EDL request of a process with output, without an active output configuration.

Under these circumstances the output part is skipped and the EDL request is marked as successfully executed.
0) Install the EDL examples module[1]
1) Do not create any output configuration
2) Run the [Import UOM] process.
3) Go to the [EDL Request] window. Note that an EDL request in error status has been created. This is correct, because the process is marked as "has output" and it does not exists an output configuration.
4) Process the EDL Request, note that it is processed correctly and marked as successful. This is not correct, because the output part has been skipped.

[1] [^]
Perform the output configuration validations before reprocessing an EDL request?
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related to defect 0040109 closed AugustoMauch SERQA 5092: EDL request in initial and without request lines with wrong configuration 
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