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0039963Retail ModulesCopy Retail Storepublic2019-01-16 13:372019-02-11 11:54
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0039963: SERQA 5043: Copy stores from excel still is very sensitive to blank characters in some fields
Not all cases have been solved in the solution of the issue [^]

For example, if the roles in the tab user-roles have a blank character after the name, the excel file gives an error.
Create a file for doing a copy stores with spaces after the name of the roles in the tab "User Roles" (or if you want take the excel file attached)

Do a copy stores with the excel file created in the previous step.

See that the role is not found because of the white character.
Do the trim in the API when reading the Excel cell in copy stores.
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related to defect 0039701 closed rqueralta SERQA 4931 The Copy stores with Excel file is sensitive to white characters after and before the value. 
xlsx FileCopyStoreWithNewTab888.xlsx (18,368) 2019-01-16 13:37
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2019-01-19 18:31   
Repository: erp/pmods/org.openbravo.retail.copystore.excel
Changeset: 0ceaf0f32238b27830a3925089e86adcf50bcde0
Author: Rafael Queralta <rafaelcuba81 <at>>
Date: Sat Jan 19 12:30:17 2019 -0500
URL: [^]

Fixed issue 39963: SERQA 5043: Copy stores from excel still is very sensitive
to blank characters in some fields

- Removed blank characters of cell value.

M src/org/openbravo/retail/copystore/excel/