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0003993Openbravo ERP01. General setuppublic2008-06-16 17:592011-02-04 09:16
0003993: AT240r3 - It is possible to import/export languages for mixed Entities
It is possible to choose an Entity for Import / Export process. But you can, by example, export language for System and then import it with BigBazaar (see attach). This will not raise any error, but it will cause an odd behaviour (translation tables keep with new language in english)
1. Go Languages
2. Search for Italian (Italy)
3. Mark it as System Language and click on Verify Languages
4. Go Import/Export languages, choose System and italian. Export.
5. Replace exported language by italian language pack downloaded from sourceforge.
6. Go Import/Export languages, choose Bigbazaar and italian. Import.
7. Recompile the application
8. When you log in again, if you change app language to Italian you will see everything in english. This will not happen if you choose System on step 6, but you will get not feedback about doing something wrong.
Solution 1 (just a simple workaround):
System should be always default option

Solution 2:
I do not know why should I ever want to import a language just for a specific client, but this functionality should be revised. I would recommend to separate System import/export from Entity-specific. And also, if an Entity import does not expect a System exported language file, an error should be raised to feedback user.
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jpg r240r3_BUG_ImportExportLanguage240.JPG (70,836) 2008-06-16 17:59
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