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0039913: [RR19Q1] Paying a ticket by adding amounts in a foreign currency shows inconsistent decimal values
When adding amounts to pay with in a foreign currency (generally, anything other than euros, €) to a ticket shows inconsistent calculation of decimal values, in spite of
adding amounts with no decimals. This issue becomes more apparent and serious with strong currencies, such as USD.
0. Log in to the Web POS
1. Search and add the "Avalanche transceiever" product to the ticket
2. Click on the Total button which should show "150.50" (euros)
3. Click on a foreign amount payment method (in this case, "USA Cash")
4. "USA Cash" will show "$197.81 remaining to pay."
5. By adding "20", the value will update to "$177.81"
NOTICE that by adding another "20", the value now shows "$157.82", which isn't correct
Adding "20" more then shows "$137.81"

The variation is even greater with other currencies, such as AED. Starting from 638.12د.إ in increments of
"100", the values obtained are: 538.14, 438.12, 338.14, 238.12...
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