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0003926Java Client POS(No Category)public2008-02-05 22:092008-10-07 11:56
0003926: Catalogue Autolearning
Possibility to sell items not defined in the Stock.
The cashier scan the barcode that the first time is not recognized, but is able to enter the price for the item.
On the next barcode scans the item will be recognized (still without description) but the price taken and the cashier will not have to enter it.

When the item is defined in the stock, the barcode is recognized and the level of items in stock adjusted accordingly considering the sold items.

This is a very nice functionality that allow to start selling using the SW from day 1 after the installation. The catalogue can be configured later on.
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This bug was originally reported in SourceForge bug tracker and then migrated to Mantis.

You can see the original bug report in: [^]