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0003923: Product Finder in Sales Screen
For areas that show store prices including tax ( many places that use the VAT tax system) there is a problem doing a lookup on selling price. Since the selling price will be calculated in a high precision it is almost impossible to know what it if it the tax used has a value like 19.6% or anything with a percentage containing a decimal part. The price sell in the database is a double and it is not uncommon to find values like 1.23458798.
Unless you enter the exact value (never found the reg-ex style the program works with) you will never get a match.
The Product finder in the sales screen should have a new screen and the with the possibility to look up on the price including tax with a certain leeway.

For myself I have already implanted this but think it would be a good feature to have in general. Since with my limited java programing skills it took about 2 hours I can imagine that Adrian can sit down with a cup of coffee and have it done before the coffee gets cold !

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