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0003922Java Client POS(No Category)public2007-10-06 15:152008-10-07 11:56
0003922: Total-fields per payment type in Cash Closed report
When executing a Cash Closed report for a longer time fram, say one month, the cash is grouped by payment types for each day. This is nice, but at the end of the report, there is a Total-field, which shows the total number of payments within the selected time frame, but there is no summary fields which would be grouped by payment types. It would be useful to have totals for each payment type in the end of the report and this should be a feature, which is quite easy to add.

With this feature in place, it would be possible to get a report on the total sum of card payments within a certain time frame, for instance. As far as I can see this functionality is not available at this time.
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This bug was originally reported in SourceForge bug tracker and then migrated to Mantis.

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