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0039212Openbravo ERPA. Platformpublic2018-09-01 12:042018-09-01 12:25
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0039212: Small cleanup of build.xml (simplify smartbuild antcalls, remove obsolete db.apply.modules & apply.on.update)
Small simplifications to build.xml files
- in smartbuild:
  - remove setting onlyIfModified property. That was used before inside dbsm.
    But its usage got removed in commit 530adf6659de. So no need setting it.
  - Remove an antcall to avoid overhead (which parses build.xml again from zero)
- in install.source
  - Remove an antcall to avoid overhead
- remove ant target db.apply.modules
  That is never called anywhere in the build system.
  It is not useful to keep for manual use as it just calls another target
  depending on the propery apply.on.update which is also never set in the build
  system automatically.
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