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0039061ModulesAdvance Warehouse Operationspublic2018-07-27 12:332018-07-27 12:33
0039061: Partial DO-Receipt fails "There is not enough stock available" for a product that was fully received previously
A product that is fully received previously indeed may give the message "There is not enough stock abvailable". See image.
But that should not prevent (by full rollback) the receipts of other lines that were received partially in a previous shipment.
Create a DO for 3 lines (or more).
Pick and Issue full qties.

Receive line 10 a partial qty,
Recieve line 20 full qty. Skip Delta.
Receive line 30 a partial qty.

Check & confirm that there is stock available (no task, no resrv) in the intermediate Whse for lines 10 and 30.

Go back to the DOr and receive again. You will get the error message as in the image.
Each line/task of he DOr has to be treated as an individual receipt.
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pdf partial DOr.pdf (102,400) 2018-07-27 12:33
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