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0039044: [RR18Q3] Different behaviour for two menu options not supporting offline
When using the webPOS in offline mode, it is expected that some feature will not work. Two very similar menu options "Verified Returns" and "Open Receipt", both having a popup to seek for a receipt, behave in a different way. While "Verified Returns" shows no pop up and instead displays a red message in the top of the screen about the missing connection, the "Open Receipt" shows the pop up and after tapping the magnifier to search shows a pop up saying that this action is not allowed in offline mode.
1. Being online, open "Verified Returns" and check the pop up is shown and that data is retrieved tapping the magnifier.
2. Still online, open "Open Receipt" and check the pop up is shown and that data is retrieves tapping the magnifier.
3. Switch to offline and repeat previous actions. Note the different behaviour between the two features.
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