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0039012: [RR18Q3] Offline icon not showing when offline mode is triggered by searching tickets
An icon to inform the user that webPOS is in offline mode should be shown in the top left part of the icon to show the menu. However, the icon is not displayed if the offline mode has been triggered by a search.
Scenario A (working as expected)
1. Login to webPOS in online mode.
2. Create a ticket with a line
3. Before paying, put the device in Airplane mode.
4. Pay the ticket. Note the application enters offline mode and a grey icon is shown at the top left part of the screen.

Scenario B (failing)
1. Login to webPOS in online mode
2. Put the device in Airplane mode.
3. Open the menu and tap the option Open Receipt
4. In the pop up, tap the magnifier to search.
5. The application enters offline mode. A warning message is shown, but there is no icon in the top left part of the screen
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png OfflineIconNotDisplayed.png (41,019) 2018-07-23 13:28
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